Storm & Wind Damage Restoration

As with all restoration services offered by FMS we’re available 24 hours a day. The storm and wind damage restoration process begins with a detailed inspection of your property, including a damage assessment. The FMS Professional is determining the scope of the damage so he or she can develop an appropriate plan of action.

Secure The Structure & Stop The Damage

We will tarp any roofs to prevent further damage and we will secure the structure to ensure that everyone remains safe.


Inspect The Damage


We will perform a complete inspection of the damage to your property and belongings FREE of charge. We will give you an assessment of the damage and work with you to establish a schedule for the reconstruction process.


Clean Up

We will remove all storm debris and the damaged parts of your home or business to ensure that your property is ready for complete reconstruction.



After the damage is cleaned up, we will work with you to restore your property to its pre-storm condition so you can get BACK TO NORMAL.

Insurance Claim Support

We help you to navigate the insurance claim process for storm and wind damage.

Let us help you!